I contacted the company after I found them online. They contacted me right away and they were very nice, friendly, and were more helpful than other companies. They were the best rated of the ones that I saw so I went with them. Other companies contacted me but I ignored them because I already started with this company and I am glad I did. Their loan processors were all very good and made me feel welcome and the whole process was quick and painless. I was able to get my loan within the same day.

Jenny Craven


Thank you, everyone, for helping us out two weeks ago when we were in very urgent need for some emergency medical cash. My mom was hospitalized after a bad fall and nobody in the family had extra cash lying around. I was always very skeptical about using the option to take out a loan against our vehicle, but it has been a saving grace in a time when I would have given everything to make sure my mom was okay. You are lifesavers.

Jessy van Helden


My daughter just finished matric and she wanted to enrollin college studies in the new year. Unfortunately my hubby was retrenched close to the end of the year and we were so devastated that we would no longer be able to afford to pay for her schooling. A friend of ours told us of this loan option and I am so glad to say that it was a no mess no fuss option that helped us financially without a huge risk. The staff we dealt with was very understanding and never made me feel shy about asking for this money. A huge burden has lifted from me and my daughter is studying now. Thank you a million times.

Farida Koopmans